AR Product Demo

Augmented Reality

AR Product Demo

• Created for an online new products release conference.

• Used Solidworks, Keyshot, and Blender to process existing 3D models.

• Created QR Codes that linked to the models.

• Hosted the models on Poly’s AWS. 

• Built, tested, and deployed in 6 days.

• iOS + Android compatibility. (different QR codes)



Poly was going to hold an online product-release conference in early 2020. Questions were raised within the company about what would be the best way to showcase Poly’s work-from-home products on a Zoom call. My manager informed the company leadership that there might be a few things in my bag of tricks.


Augmented Reality

3D model processing

QR Code creation

Server management







AR Kit (iOS)

AR Core (Android)




Augment Reality Product Demo

Rapid Augmented Reality Solution Deployment


This project sounded simple at first – grab a few existing product models, make them AR ready, put them on a public server, generate some QR codes that link to the server – until I was told I had only 6 days. I ran into a ton of unforeseeable issues, such as some models being humongous in size and complexity with thousands of parts, some surfaces having wrong normals (you can see through it from one side, the wrong side), the cloth material looking horrendous on iPhones, the link shortener’s algorithm insisting that our links contain malware and blocked our server…

Poly P21



The 6 models I received from Industrial Designers were extremely complex with thousands of subitems, including internal parts such as PCBs, batteries, antennas etc. I cleaned up all the unnecessary parts in Keyshot, rebuilt the surfaces that had wrong normals in Solidworks, reduced polygon counts in Blender, then reapplied the material with performance-friendly ones in Keyshot to reduce size.

Generated from the original link

Generated from the shortened link



A direct link from the server is usually very long. Long links will lead to complicated QR codes. In this case, I used to do the trick.



An Android version was requested 3 days before launch. I created a different set of QR codes in green to simplify distribution on the launch day.

iOS verion

Android version



This project was used as a presentation tool by the CEO and VP of product development on the launch day and turned out to be a success.